The Commutation Kit is a resource for people who want to file for commutation. This includes tips for filing the application, tips for writing letters of support, and a sample completed application from someone who was granted commutation.

Commutation Kit with 1 Sample Application (8 pages)

Commutation Kit with 2 Sample Applications (18 pages)

You may also be interested in the 13 point platform for suggested commutation reform put together by Let’s Get Free. This is a trifold pamphlet designed for ledger size paper – so printing may be off.

Statistics of Commutation and the PA Department of Corrections

Pennsylvania Parole and Life Imprisonment by Jon Yount – February 2004

History of Commutation by Lifers Incorporated Commutation Committee – Information Sheet December 21, 2010

Mass Incarceration of the Elderly – Report by the ACLU

Chronological Legal History of Parole and Probation from PA Sentencing