Fact Sheets and Reports

alcDeath By Incarceration in Pennsylvania 

Published by the Abolitionist Law Center – Fall 2017

Global stats as well as statewide statistics.

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Fact sheet on Life Without Parole in Pennsylvania published by Decarcerate PA 2013



Delaying a Second ChancScreen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.50.44 PMe: The Declining Prospects for Parole on Life Sentences

40 page report  Published by the Sentencing Project in 2017

“But so far, criminal justice reform has largely excluded people
in prison with life sentences. This growing “lifer” population both illustrates and
contributes to the persistence of mass incarceration.”

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Delaying a Second Chance: The Declining Prospects for Parole on Life Sentences

32 Jurisdiction Profiles (not PA)

Published by the Sentencing Project in 2017



Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.15.38 PMAging in Prison: Reducing Elder Incarceration and Promoting Public Safety

A publication of the Center for Justice at Columbia University.

November 2015

 The continued imprisonment of a group of people who have significantly aged out of crime, who pose little public safety risk and could in fact contribute to our communities, expresses clearly the revenge principle. It tells us that for some people—especially people of color— growth and change do not entitle you to a second chance.  –Soffiyah Elijah, Esq., Executive Director of Corrections Association – New York
Published by the ACLU June 2012
The United States is the largest incarcerator in the world, with 2.3 million people behind bars. Prisoners across the country are also getting older and experiencing all the same ailments that afflict those of the same age who are not behind bars. Our extreme sentencing policies and a growing number of life sentences have effectively turned many of our correctional facilities into veritable nursing homes—and taxpayers are paying for it.

Reviving Parole for Life Sentences

Hosted by the Sentencing Project February 2017