Samantha Broun’s award winning original radio story was published on Transom titled: A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice, And My Mother. “It’s about a terrible crime and every thing after.” In addition to telling the heart breaking story of what happened to Samantha’s mom, the piece details the political landcape of life without parole in the 90’s and explains why the commutation process in PA essentially came to a standstill.

It later was aired on This American Life under the title of 20 Years Later. This American Life wrote: Samantha Broun talks to cops, politicians, inmates, and family closest to the crime that changed policy 20 years ago for inmates serving life sentences in Pennsylvania. It’s a crime Samantha knows well, because it happened to her mom.

Lifelines Project – Voices Against the Other Death Penalty

LifeLines is a media and cultural project based on a series of interviews conducted in collaboration with eight people serving Death By Incarceration (DBI) sentences–more commonly known as Life Without Parole–in Pennsylvania. The project was developed to support an emerging statewide campaign to abolish the state’s practice of sentencing people to die in prison.

The above recording is of Bryan Stevenson, the brilliant social justice lawyer and profound story teller. He spoke at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, January 25, 2016 on the same day the Supreme Court ruled Juveniles can challenge Life Sentences! A decision we have been waiting to hear for over 3 years! He is an American lawyer, social justice activist, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. HE’S AMAZING!! Question and answer included.

Mujahid Farid talks about the 5 point platform of the organization Release Aging People from Prison and the condition of NY State’s broken parole system. Interview recorded 9.24.15

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